Back to School a Parent Guide

Your kids will be back to school before we know it and the best thing to be is prepared. Parents are the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to helping students get back in the swing for a new school year. The list below highlights a few ways to help kids get ready and stay motivated for a new year of learning!

Develop a routine sooner than later

It’s hard for children and adults to make abrupt changes to their schedule. Help your kids get ready for waking up earlier than they are used to before the first day of school. In the month before school starts, slowly start adjusting bedtime and wake ups so your students can get used to waking up for school. You can even make it fun by waking them up early to do fun activities! Who said waking up early has to be a punishment?

Set up a designated homework space

Set up a homework space with your children. This should be an area where there are fewer distractions and has all the supplies they may need. The designated space will promote good habits and can be customized for any child’s learning style.

Keep the fun going

Plan a few mid school year adventures! Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Plan fun and educational trips or activities during the school year to keep the fun going all year long. You can even use them as motivation for good grades by planning them around the time grades come out.

School prep

Make school prep fun. Come up with a shopping list together of things your child will need and want for the upcoming school year. By doing so together, your child will start to get excited about the new school year and how cool they are going to look with their new gear. Plus, your child may provide some hidden insight to what they need based on their learning style to be successful.

Go out with a bang!

Plan one last end of summer hurrah! This doesn’t have to be an elaborate vacation, but set aside some time right before the school year to celebrate summer and the upcoming school year. Have a little party to enjoy all the pictures and memories of the summer and then talk about all the exciting things the new year has to offer. This last hurrah will make your child thankful for all the fun and ready to learn within the coming weeks.